Looking at most NFL draft “Big Boards”, there is a player that the more I study and hear about, the more I like. I’m talking about Safety Matt Elam out of Florida.

In most descriptions of Elam he is described as being a very physical and emotional player that can really lay the wood. He is slightly short for the position, but he has speed and “great cover skills” to make up for his lack of height and I believe he could come in as a rookie and make an impact in the Patriots secondary immediately.

According to NFL.com and FFtoolbox he will most likely fall between pick 26 and into the early second round and New England is sitting right there with the 29th pick. This year the Patriots lacked a strong safety that could sit back there with McCourty and actually cover someone. They brought in Tavon Wilson who didn’t work out and Steve Gregory had to take it over, but anyone who watched the Ravens game knows that Gregory is not the answer.

Elam is described as being a team first kind of guy that plays with passion and with passion comes that word “swagger.” I hate the word swagger usually, but when you have a confident player on the field other players are able to feed off that confidence and everyone’s play elevates. Elam would have a similar impact Talib had in my opinion just simply due to the fact that he will have your back if you’re a corner and want to jump a route; you can take a risk and go for a big play just due to the fact that a talented player will be back there if you fail. Take a look at this video which is obviously slanted towards his top plays, but nonetheless the plays are big time. Let’s get this guy in a Patriots uniform. What do you guys think?


Joshua Brown 1/24/2013 01:35:00 PM Edit

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