Tom Brady, Vince Wilfork, Wes Welker, and Logan Mankins have all pulled out of the Pro Bowl. The only members of the Patriots team who are still in the Pro Bowl are Jerod Mayo and Matthew Slater.

Brady, Welker, Wilfork, and Mankins pulled out because of injuries. Brady was replaced by Andrew Luck. Welker and Mankins were replaced by Zane Beadles (Broncos) and Demaryius Thomas (Broncos).

A lot of people are saying that the players' decision to drop out of the Pro Bowl is because the Patriots are "whiny losers" and "can't deal when they lose". Was the humiliation of last week's loss just too much for these players?

Vince Wilfork ("Big Vince")

I don't really think so...in my opinion, the players are probably just tired from this season. They've played some good football. All of the players who pulled out had reported injuries (but they still played in the games), so it's not like their reasons to drop out were lies. Losing might have sent them over the edge, but I like to think that the Patriots team members aren't as shallow as the accusations make them seem.

Elisa Moore 1/22/2013 10:14:00 PM Edit

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