Thousands of 98.5 listeners (including myself) are this week begrudgingly having to admit to Mike Felger's spot on prediction for the Pats-Ravens game. For Felger and Mazz's loyal listeners,who are able to get past Massoratti's high pitched squeal of a voice coupled with Felger's arrogance and constant anti-Boston sentiments, are forced this week to admit he was 100% right.

All week he discussed how the Ravens game marked the end of the road for this Patriots team. He recognized the Raven's defense as a unit that could stop Brady and the offense, and also put points on the board with Joe Flacco (who he has historically bashed) playing at a high level.

Even before the Patriots loss, Felger had stated on air that he thought the Patriots would lose this year but win the Super Bowl next year. He reaffirmed these beliefs last night on Sports Tonight with Chris Gasper and Gary Tanguay.

And Felger makes a valid point. I really don't see the Patriots getting any worse come next season. They have developed a great foundation of young players on both offense and defense who will only to continue to improve. And they of course have the opportunity to build upon that young core in the draft.

It's undeniable Brady's window is closing, but he is still one of the best quarterbacks in the league and still has a few great seasons left in him, barring any injuries. And as Belichick made clear already this week, he isn't going anywhere. But knowing that both of their windows are closing, I wouldn't mind Belichick and Kraft going and acquiring some high level players in free agency to really bolster the Patriots overall unit for next season.

It pains me to say Felger absolutely nailed it in his prediction of the game, but I think he makes a good point in stating the organization has put themself in a good position to get another Super Bowl before the end of the Brady/Belichick era.


Liam Cunningham 1/22/2013 06:48:00 PM Edit

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