Is anybody shocked that as soon as media day hit and 49ers wide receiver Randy Moss was reintroduced to the spotlight, that the Moss of old would surface? It's not exactly the Moss of old; criticizing other players and making very controversial comments. No, instead Moss has brought up debatable topics. First, he announced that he believes he is the greatest wide receiver of all time (which I personally think he was unfairly blasted for) and now he was quoted saying that the NFL has become "watered down". NFL Network's Albert Breer tweeted this:

Does Moss have a point? I guess so. As a player he knows better than any of us fans do about what's going on with the games. The NFL has been dominated over other professional sports in America. The Super Bowl itself is essentially a national holiday and is renowned world-wide. Is this a bad thing? As fans we can easily say no, but maybe some players, like Moss, think that the spotlight is taking away from the game and/or the integrity of it.

Anthony Aidonidis 1/31/2013 12:10:00 PM Edit

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