Ed Reed had nothing but praise for Bill Belichick yesterday. As is common these days, his comments spurred a frenzy of articles speculating that Reed would sign with the Patriots after the Super bowl.

Who would be so dumb as to guarantee that?

Ed Reed quickly squashed all of those rumors today.

The Patriots have an obvious need at safety. Ed Reed would definitely fill that need. The downside of course is that Reed isn't the Ed Reed he once was. When you have a player that is deciding between retirement or playing for your team, it's probably not the best sign.

The rumors of course spawned from the comments both Belichick and Reed have made about eachother to the media. Each taking every opportunity to heap praise on the other. Of course, when you're talking about arguably the greatest coach and the greatest safety, I guess it might be obvious that compliments are going to be said.

As to Reed's, "What football player wouldn't [want to play for Belichick]?" comment, well plenty might not. Belichick was voted second most overrated coach earlier in the year.

Believe it or not, not everyone likes old loveable Bill.

Michael Saver 1/31/2013 12:11:00 PM Edit

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