So Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo was running his mouth again. Not really trash talk this time, but he kind of gave some insight into the Ravens game plan. It sure is a strange one.

They are going to apparently focus on stopping the run first, and they want the ball to be in Tom Brady's hands. Ok then...


"The run game was shut down and the pass game, they were getting after him," linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo told Comcast SportsNet Baltimore. "They were hitting him. When you hit him you make him uncomfortable and he becomes like the rest of the quarterbacks - just another quarterback. If the offensive line blocks and he sits there and gets to do his thing, then he's one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time."

Ayanbadejo makes a good point, if you get pressure on Brady and keep hitting him, he won't be as good as he is otherwise. Sounds like the same formula for stopping every quarterback to ever play the game. The Ravens certainly did stop the run last game, holding Stevan Ridley to just 37 yards. Tom Brady, of course, had one of his best games against the Ravens and put up 30 points. The Pats lost by 1.

The Patriots run game has been huge this season, they actually were second in the league in rushing attempts and top 10 in the league in yards per game. It's been a key element to this Patriots team, who will need that element even more in the red zone since they are missing Rob Gronkowski.

The idea of letting Tom Brady throw the ball? I certainly hope they stick to that plan. Granted, the Ravens have been able to generate pressure on Brady pretty consistently over the years but that's still taking a huge risk. Tom Brady can get rid of the ball pretty quickly which could negate any rush the Ravens send. That said, this defense is pretty good at disguising their coverages which could prove a problem for the whole quick release, turbo no huddle plan.

But hey, if the Ravens want to just sit back and let Tom Brady beat them, I'm fine with that. He's only done it five of the last seven times.

Michael Saver 1/20/2013 01:52:00 PM Edit

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