The Boston Globe's Greg Bedard revealed some shocking information in regards to Patriots wide receiver Brandon Lloyd. There have been rumors of the WR's chance of being cut from the team, as the Pats may not feel that Lloyd is worth the additional $3 million bonus that we would make with his $1.9 million base salary, should they chose to keep him.

Even with the extra cap room that is a result of Brady's restructured contract, Bedard reports that there is "a lot of internal debate" about whether the team should keep him or not. According to Bedard, Lloyd has had some behavioral issues that were kept behind closed doors. Here's a piece from the article:
"Odds are against Brandon Lloyd’s $3 million option bonus being picked up. There is still a lot of internal debate about what to do considering the Patriots literally couldn’t line up tomorrow at receiver. Lloyd’s erratic behavior in the locker room and on the practice field proved tiresome, according to a league and team source. "

Erratic behavior? Well that came out of nowhere... or maybe it didn't. Apparently this was an ongoing issue throughout the season. According to NFL.com, and example of this type of behavior would be from an anonymous player; the player was partaking in a conversation with Lloyd when the wide receiver suddenly decided to stop him mid-sentence and said "I don't want to talk to you anymore".

This is reportedly only one example of a selfish and egocentric type of behavior that Lloyd apparently embodied all season, and he has been accused of portraying these characteristics throughout his entire career as well. Now, keep in mind that he wasn't running around all the time being a jerk or going out late at night and being irresponsible; this could all simply be speculation.

If true though, it seems as if Lloyd was not a good fit for the Patriot way. Will the coaches decide to give him another chance? Or will the unnecessary salary, sub-par performance, and poor behavior run him out of town? I would say Lloyd's future with the Patriots is virtually a coin flip.

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UPDATE!!!! (4:06 p.m)
NESN.com reports that as of now, Lloyd is not expected to be back.

Anthony Aidonidis

Anthony Aidonidis 2/26/2013 03:18:00 PM Edit

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