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The 49ers are leaning toward not placing the franchise tag on two-time Pro Bowl safety Dashon Goldson, multiple league sources told CSNBayArea.com.
So, Greg Bedard came out with his big state of the offseason piece where he detailed the Patriots' plans for each position (piece is here, read it, now). Now that you've read it, one of the big questions you probably have is; Tavon Wilson, starting next to McCourty, can we count on that? Personally, I just don't think you can. There has been too much reliance on recently drafted DBs to come into their own and elevate the secondary, and it just hasn't happened. Last year it was supposed to be Ras-I Dowling. Two years ago, Patrick Chung; three years ago, Darius Butler. On and on the list goes. While I like Tavon Wilson (jesus the combine is raping my life, I've tried to call him Tavon Austin every time I've written his name), I liked Butler, Dowling, and Chung. At a certain point, don't you have to prepare for the worst, which seems to happen every year? And if he emerges as a stud, then great, you can never have enough good players. It gives you leverage in the McCourty extension talks, you can maybe trade Goldson after the season if Wilson really is the player you thought. I just don't see the downside to going after Goldson here to completely seal things up back there. Pair him with McCourty and you can mask a lot of weak play by the cornerbacks, ask the Ravens hodgepodge combination of corners they won the Super Bowl with. Because if you put him back there with McCourty, you instantly have a top 5 safety pair in the league, hands down. And, if Wilson comes on and you just can't keep him on the bench, you always have McCourty's ability to play corner when one of the starters there inevitably gets injured. I just think if you can grab Dashon Goldson for a realistic sized deal, you have to do it. The more proven, quality players we can get back in that secondary, the better off we are.

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