Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman just completed his second year as a professional football player. It is understandable that a 5th round pick would have a serious chip on his shoulder and want to prove himself to the league. Most players in his situation would also have a sense of humility; knowing that opportunities to make a mark may be scarce.

Well Sherman unlike most, and has made the most of his chance. This season he emerged as a top-notch defensive back with 8 interceptions, 3 forced fumbled, and a 90 yard touchdown off a botched field goal attempt. Regarding his humility. . . there is none. Sherman's career is just beginning, and he has already picked fights with the NFL's elites. Every Patriots fan knows what happened after the Week 6 loss to the Seahawks...

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Anyways, Sherman just picked his latest fight. This time, he is attacking the man who is regarded by most as the best cornerback in the league today; Darrelle Revis. Sherman very arrogantly made the claim on Twitter that he is actually the best; which could be a valid argument, but most of the greats nowadays let their fans do all the talking/promoting. Revis wasted no time responding...

Here's the full conversation, courtesy of SportsIllustrated.com, and also keep checking twitter because the conversation is still going. Bad news, there were too many Tweets to fit into this article. Good news, it is really fun to read.Two NFL stars trading shots at one another on Twitter like high school girls. Personally, I'm siding with Revis on this one. I know he's on the Jets and I hate them as much as any Patriots fan, but in the end Revis just a baller. That's my opinion, who's side are you taking?

Who's side are you on?
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Anthony Aidonidis

Anthony Aidonidis 2/20/2013 07:11:00 PM Edit

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