I know I know, the Patriots finally established a solid running game last season with Stevan Ridley breaking out as a top rusher and Shane Vereen, Brandon Bolden, and Danny Woodhead all doing their respective parts. So naturally you're probably asking, why do the Pats need Steven Jackson? Well my answer is pretty simple, why not?

Ridley was the only consistent one of the bunch. Injuries, rough performances, and just plan no-shows sometimes plagued the rest of the RB's. In the playoffs, the Patriots steered towards a more pass-orientated offense and nearly abandoned the run. Because they wanted the ball in Tom Brady's hands more? Because maybe the run game just wasn't part of the game plan? We don't know exactly, but it seems as though a lack of confidence in the ground-game may have been a factor. Also keep in mind that Woodhead will become a free agent.

Anyways, I never really gave too much thought into the idea of the Pats signing Steven Jackson, but NESN.com made a compelling argument: 
"Stevan Ridley emerged as a productive running back in 2012, but Bill Belichick does have a longstanding admiration of Jackson — dating as far back as the 2004 NFL Draft. As long as Jackson follows through with voiding the final year of his contract, he’ll be heavily pursued and might be looking to be the No. 1 guy wherever he goes. If the Patriots can persuade him to Foxboro, he would add another reliable runner and offer Ridley a bruising partner out of the backfield."
So, let this idea bounce around in your head for a little while. The Pats have plenty of other issues that they need to address, but this seems like an interesting idea. Ridley is coming off a concussion and could return a little hesitant to hit the line as hard as he did this season. Remember Lawrence Maroney after his injury? 

Let me make this clear though, I AM NOT BASHING RIDLEY OR THE RUN GAME. I love everything they did this season and think that they will continue to improve. I just think signing Steven Jackson is an interesting possibility. Give it a chance.

Anthony Aidonidis

Anthony Aidonidis 2/13/2013 09:08:00 PM Edit

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