We at Patriots Life are giving out our post season awards. Previously, we revealed the New England Patriots:

Offensive Player of the Year
Defensive Player of the Year
Rookie of the Year
Breakout Player of the Year
and Coach of the Year.

Now, the award season is coming to an end, as we give out our undesirable final award, for Bust of the Year. And the award goes to...

It's Wide Receiver Brandon Lloyd!

The Patriots have had some awful players this year. The likes of Patrick Chung and Kyle Arrington spring to mind. However, this isn't an award for worst player. This is an award for bust. And Brandon Lloyd is that.

On paper, Lloyd looks like he had a great year for the Pats. On 74 catches, he had 911 yards and 4 TDs. Pretty impressive for a guy on the same offense as Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez? On paper, it is pretty impressive.

But it's how he got the yards that make him a bust. Like Chad Ochocinco Johnson before him, he came into the offense as the missing piece. The deep threat to compliment Welker's ability in the slot. Someone who can make spectacular catches 40 yards downfield to give defenses nightmares.

Well, he did better the OchoStinko, but what was expected of him never happened. He became another intermediate receiver for Tom Brady to hit on the slant, and therefore he didn't add to what Deion Branch gave us in the last couple of years. And has Brandon Lloyd ever heard of YAC? It seemed, even when under no pressure, he'd make a catch, fall to the floor, and not try to get up and gain a few extras yards.

That's just something that ate at me all year. But I think what makes him the Bust of the Year is, when we needed a drive, or a last minute score, I certainly thought "Brady's got to go for Welker or a TE here". I didn't think "Let's hit the deep threat Lloyd down the field". If I wanted us to go deep this season, I would have taken Welker over Lloyd. And that definitely wasn't what I was supposed to feel.

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Brendan Annely 2/14/2013 09:58:00 AM Edit

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