Rob Gronkowski can now bang porn stars without a big cast on his arm and can hold two beers now instead of one. Less importantly(kidding) he can begin rehab and get ready for the upcoming season. Gronk is optimistic about the recovery process and ready to get on the grind:
No cast. It’s been a lot of weeks now; now I’m just in the rehab part of it. Getting it better.  Getting it stronger.  Getting it totally healthy now.  Just taking it day by day, basically, with the rehab.  Week by week.  Once I’m 100 percent healthy, I’m definitely going to grind, hit it, hit the upper body, get stronger, and get ready for the season.”
I guess all of those wildly overblown articles saying, "Gronkowski slams broken arm while partying" and ESPN analysts basting him had no effect on his arm....what a shocker! Talk to me on twitter! Please! @joeloobs


Joe Loubier 2/16/2013 02:32:00 PM Edit

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