While there is no replacement for Welker on the roster, that won’t matter. Neither will the Patriots’ abysmal record of drafting wideouts. The Patriots are simply not going to put an $11.4 million franchise tag on Welker, someone with intimate knowledge of the team’s thinking said. Nor is he going to get an offer better than the one he turned down in 2011. So all his #leapoffaith got Welker was a decent one-year deal, but he’s got no grounds to complain because the Patriots long ago showed how they do business if you do yours the way he did his, which was to hold out a tin cup and hope they’d drop something in it.
Man I hate Ron Borges, but GODDAMIT I respect the man. Just absolutely never wavering. Always shit-talking the Pats way of doing business. Previous results? Doesn't care one iota. The Pats are not paying a player and so now Borges is up on his soap box screaming for anyone to hear that the Patriots and specifically Bill Belichick are cheap assholes that mistreat players as much as possible. Now, those Hernandez and Gronk extensions? Don't count to Ron Borges. He has LEGITIMATELY forgotten about those. Like, they do not exist in his mind. The Patriots have never payed a player fairly in the what? 11-12 seasons Belichick has been here? And you know what, you have to respect a man that has been proven wrong again and again by Belichick just winning straight in his face, but never veering away from his stance. It's just flat out comical at this point, but you know what? I don't care, I accept the comedy, and just laugh at the ashes of Ron Borges. Sometimes, I legitimately wonder if he does anything else at the Herald besides Belichick bashing. Like is that his official title on his card? Belichick Basher? Is there something more official, like, Vice President of writing against Belichick? I dunno, I'm just spitballing here.

Anyway, onto the "news" that came out of this article. The Patriots aren't franchising Welker? COLOR ME FUCKING SHOCKED. They aren't gonna pay him $11.7mil to play for them this year? Whoddafuccking thunk it. Not me, never ever in a million years would I expect them to not pay him almost $12mil/year. So, as you all may know, this is #BREAKING news and  must be reported as such. Welker wont get tagged. Good "work" Ronny boy, keep it up.

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