Say it ain't so, both Darrelle Revis and Rex Ryan gone in New York?

That would basically be every Patriots fans dream come true. The only reason Patriots fans would want Rex to stick around is so that they could continuously beat him. I for one have grown sick of him in New York. He's calmed down since the Jets have gone in the tank, but if he ever pulls out a win against the Pats you know he'll be boasting. Him and his BFF Revis - who has more bad things to say about the Patriots than Rex himself.

Jason Cole, Yahoo Sports

New York management discreetly listened to preliminary talk from multiple teams during the NFL scouting combine about whether the Jets will trade CB Darrelle Revis. In addition, the Jets have yet to broach the subject of an extension with Revis' agents. All of that adds up to Revis' likely departure, as well as coach Rex Ryan's

The Jets had kind of a similar situation to what's went on recently with <a href="http://www.celticslife.com">the Celtics without Rajon Rondo in the NBA. They lost their star player and didn't really suffer that much. Sure it was still a typically embarassing year for the Jets, but their defense wasn't all that bad. Especially against the pass.

Revis is looking to become one of the highest paid players in the league and he also has a desire to retire a Jet. It appears that the Jets organization and new GM John Idzik aren't really down with either. Expendable assets are something every team needs to have in any sport, and Revis is their biggest trade chip. The Jets need all over the place, but mostly on offense.

They're stuck with Sanchez for this upcoming season. Mainly because you literally couldn't trade him for a bag of balls, no one would want to take on that $8.63 million. The Jets basically pulled an NBA and gave a mediocre player a star's salary. Anyway, the Jets need to at least see what they have with him, and as terrible as he's been, he hasn't had much help.

In short, the Jets need help on offense more than defense. That's where the situation gets hairy for Rex Ryan.

If the Jets parted ways with Sanchez after the '13 season, the question becomes who will be the coach to pick the next quarterback? Ryan, whose background is primarily on defense and has gone two straight seasons without reaching the playoffs, could be out of the picture.

According to Cole, Ryan could be out basically because he doesn't know much about offense. Cole didn't say that, but we all know it's true. In an off-season press conference Ryan was asked about the offense and rambled and mumbled his way around talking about "all-weather offenses" and that "pistol" thing.

Revis and Ryan were the vanguards of the Jets in recent years. Now that they might be moving in different directions, there might not be room for either of them.

Michael Saver 2/26/2013 06:34:00 PM Edit

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