Amongst all the news and rumors floating around, one in particular caught my eye today; an article by Mike Reiss has the Patriots possibly interested in 6 foot 5 wide receiver David Nelson. David Nelson is currently on the Bills roster, but the Bills GM said they “are not planning on tendering him a contract” which will make Nelson a free agent.

The Patriots have targeted him before when he went undrafted in 2010 and apparently Belichick thought he would be a good fit in the Patriots system. To that point I say, who wouldn’t? You have arguably the best quarterback of all time and unless you really screw up (Ochocinco) you pretty much can’t go wrong.

I don’t like the Patriots going out and wasting money on offense this time around; offense was not the Patriots issue in 2012; furthermore the only thing I want done is Welker to be signed. Generally speaking, there is a reason a player goes undrafted, enough said. Throughout his career in the NFL, Nelson caught 61 balls in 2011 and 31 in 2010, but only caught 2 last seasons due to the fact he was injured. So hold on, he’s a 6’5 slot receiver, coming off an injury, that’s supposed to help a team that has just had Wes Welker shredding teams for 5 years? I’m all for competition in training camp, but is this what we’ve come to?

I’m sure he’s a nice player if Belichick was interested and the Patriots do need a good physical presence at wide receiver, but if you’re going to go there, go there. By that I mean cut Lloyd and go get Dwayne Bowe. In an earlier article, I made my point on Lloyd saying he brought everything we asked for to the team, but with his personality potentially being an issue, is it worth it? There is also this 3-something million dollar bonus he will receive if he signs with us on top of his 1.9 million for the year that makes me think, screw it, just spend the extra 5 million and get someone great like Bowe.

This is the Patriots year to go all in after that favor Brady just signed for them. I don’t think the Patriots are looking to be cheap this offseason and you will see them go out and sign anyone and everyone they perceive as “worth it” because they have the money.

Josh Brown

Joshua Brown 2/26/2013 06:42:00 PM Edit

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