Logan Mankins: Rob Gronkowski "A big meathead"

Here's your latest Rob Gronkowski likes to party update. A rather senior New England Patriot has been speaking about the Tight End, in the form of guard Logan Mankins. He's had this to say:

I think Logan Mankins has just put my viewpoint perfectly. I wrote an article a week ago on this subject, and I pretty much said the same thing. Mankins found the perfect adjective though, with the word "meathead".

Gronkowski hasn't hurt anyone (including himself) with his partying, he does however, have to show a bit of maturity now that the spotlights on him. But I don't mind him drinking and partying. It's part of the Gronk package that makes him such a brilliant player to have on the team.

Every team needs a few characters, to liven up the locker room, to make sure things don't get too serious. Along with Punter Zoltan Mesko, Gronk is one of these guys.  He's unique, he excites us on and off the pitch, he keeps things interesting. As Mankins says, as long as he's not getting in trouble, or hurting himself, let him keep going. it's a long time until kick-off 2013. Let Gronk help the time fly.

PS: Mankins spent today was visiting the Kraft Family Blood Donor Center. It doesn't make headlines like Gronk partying, but it's good to see him and other Patriots spending the offseason visiting local causes.

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