We at Patriots Life are giving out our post-season awards. Previously, we revealed the New England Patriots:

Offensive Player of the Year
Defensive Player of the Year
Rookie of the Year
and Breakout Player of the Year.

Now, we reveal the Patriots Coach of the Year. And the award goes to...

It's Offensive Line coach Dante Scarnecchia!

You might not know this guys name, but Scarnecchia is pretty much the key to the Patriots success when you think about it. When does Tom Brady struggle? When he doesn't have time. Who gives him time? The O-Line.

And this is where Scarnecchia comes in. The offensive line was supposed to be one of the biggest issue coming into this season, for example the absence of Matt Light, and it ended up being a total non factor.

With not a lot of depth, and not a lot of health, Scarnecchia's scheming and coaching ensured that Brady was able to stay upright and torch defenses throughout the year. And add to that the way the running game has been able to thrive this season due to great blocking upfront and then pushing into the second level to give the likes of Stevan Ridley room to get yards. This was especially true in the redzone, where you'd always back Ridley to get the necessary yardage to put points on the board.

Scarnecchia has been in the Patriots organisation for nearly 30 years now, and still today, he's doing a key job to ensure the Patriots remain contenders every year.

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Brendan Annely 2/12/2013 10:13:00 AM Edit

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