Should the patriots take a chance on Titus Young?

It was reported today that the Lions have waived talented but problematic young wide-out Titus Young. This comes as no surprise after a much publicized fall-out between Young. The breaking point was a game against the Packers on Thanksgiving when he lined up in the incorrect position on purpose, twice. He then got into an argument with Lion's coach Shawn Jefferson (yes, that Shawn Jefferson)

The 5'11, 23 year old receiver played college football at Boise State, where he had an excellent career, grabbing 204 passes for 3,063 yards and 25 touchdowns for the Broncos. He was one of the most electrifying players to ever run the blue turf and was selected by the Lions with the 44th pick in the 2011 Draft.

In his two seasons with the Lions, Young showed flashes of brilliance, but his production was overshadowed by his clashes with the team. Following the Thanksgiving incident, Young was placed on injured reserve for the remainder of the year, and would never play another snap for Detroit. He soon took to Twitter and expressed his displeasure with his role on the team. 

Now on waivers, any team can place a claim on Young and eventually sign him on a bargain contract. Who is willing to roll the dice on the troubled talent will be interesting to see. Everyone knows the Patriots have a history of taking in troubled stars and working to make the best of them despite their past transgressions (Randy, Corey, Chad, Albert). And in two of those cases, it has worked out very well. The latter two, not so much.

There has been a lot of talk about how the Patriots offense could benefit from a deep threat, which they are lacking and have been since the departure of Moss. Picking up Young to try and fill this role would make more sense than trying to sign someone like Mike Wallace, who is definitely not going to come cheap. So what do we think Pats nation? Should the Pats take a chance on young Titus? Vote in the poll below.