Stevan Ridley doesn't remember Bernard Pollard hit

Everyone remembers that massive hit that Bernard Pollard had on Stevan Ridley during the AFC Championship game. Ridley was knocked out and the hit caused a fumble. Ridley was on ESPN's "NFL Live", and was asked what he remembered about the play:
"Being completely honest, not much man," Ridley said. "Running the football, unfortunately it's what comes with the sport that we play. It's a contact sport. He just came down and made a play, tried to make a physical tackle, and that's what he did. Unfortunately it was me. You hate it any time to see a player go out like that, but it was me this time. All I can say is that I can bounce back and I live to see another day. And I'm thankful."

Ridley suffered a concussion from this hit, and it brings the topic of football safety onto the table. These kind of hits can't be avoided, everyone who plays football knows the risk they are taking on when they step onto the field.

"I play this game, I love the game that I play, man," Ridley said. "People try to downplay it; it's a contact sport. You can't be scared playing this game. We all try to be as healthy as we can and try to stay away from injuring each other. At times, it's going to happen. So all we can do is pat each other on the back and keep moving, and I wish the best for the Ravens and also Bernard Pollard, man."

Pollard moving in for the hit on Ridley