Super Bowl Thoughts

With most of Patriots Nation, I was secretly rooting for the 49ers to win the game for reasons that have nothing to do with the game itself. I never expected a blowout, but what I did expect was the 49ers to present a problem offensively for the Ravens defense and they just didn’t. There are a few big stories coming out of yesterday’s game, Joe Flacco’s play, the power outage, the Super Bowl TV ratings, the lack of aggression of the 49ers in the first half and of course the missed pass interference call on 4th down on the 49ers final drive.

In watching the Super Bowl last night I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed at how poorly the 49ers executed their game plan in the first half. I don’t want to say they came out flat because that’s not the right word, but they certainly didn’t accomplish the things they set out to. It really looked to me like the Ravens were hitting harder, playing faster and wanted to make a statement more so than the 49ers. Motivation is never short in the Super Bowl because if you’re not motivated for that then nothing will motivate you, but in some ways you saw the inexperience of San Fran’s quarterback come out. Kaepernick blew a vital timeout early in the second half and then coach Harbaugh had to spend another one to avoid a “delay of game” penalty on the last drive.

Joe Flacco was a man in yesterday’s game, winning MVP and putting up crazy good numbers in the process. Flacco went 22-33 for 287 yards and 3 touchdowns. He has solidified himself in the history books winning a championship and the Super Bowl MVP award. Flacco rose to great levels and will surely see the money this offseason.

The power outage was an overplayed storyline even as the game was going on. Both teams had to sit for the exact same time. If you’re someone who believes in momentum then I see your point, but I leave you with a question; who benefits more from time to rest, the old team or the young team? The better team won, but if the 49ers won all we would have hear about was the power outage and it had the same effect on the game that the weather did, which in a dome was nothing.

The Super Bowl ratings set records with one out of every two TV’s on in America were watching the Super Bowl. It’s just astounding at how popular the game has become and that number will only increase in the years to come.

Lastly, the blown call on 4th down; it was plain and simple pass interference on the defense or at least illegal contact. The defender was holding him 8 yards from the line of scrimmage and didn’t release until he fell down leaving no chance for Crabtree to make the reception on a catchable ball. However, I’m not chalking the game down to a missed call because I hate when writers/commentators do that. Realistically the game was won in the first half and on that long drive that Baltimore put together right before the 49ers last drive.

Josh Brown