So we've just heard the news that Tom Brady signed a contract extension until the 2017 season. The contract is guaranteed for the 2013, 2014, 2015 seasons and not for the last two years when he is 39 and 40-years-old so there is still a chance he could could pull a Peyton Manning.

Back to Welker. Before the Brady news broke the rumor went around that Welker was close to signing a 5 year $40 million deal. A couple hours later, what do ya know, Brady is back in New England for another 5 years. 5 and 5. I can almost guarantee that Brady said he'll take less money if they'd use that money to sign Welker. REMEMBER: After Tom Brady won his 3rd title, he signed a 6 year $60 million deal. That was crazy. Peyton Manning's deal dwarfed that contract. This is a very similar situation. Peyton's new deal in Denver is a 5 year $96 million contract. Brady could've demanded Peyton money but he didn't because he wants to win championships, and to help that championship cause, he wants Welker back. I think Brady is the best quarterback in the league and he's making $9 million a year. Crazy

So lets hope the Patriots don't screw this up. Brady took less in 2006 so the Patriots could sign key guys  to build the team. And what did the Patriots do? They let Deion Branch go, a key part of their championship run. So, its your move Patriots, do the right thing and sign Brady's guy, Wes Welker. Tell me what you think about this deal on twitter: @joeloobs @patriotslife

Joe Loubier 2/25/2013 05:47:00 PM Edit

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