Apparently the Miami Herald has a source that loves spreading rumors about Wes Welker. Are they true? We have no idea, but we do know that they spice things up a little bit.

Well, according to this source, Welker is ready to mess with the Patriots should they choose not to resign him. The source says that the free agent WR would like nothing more than to "stick it to the Patriots" by signing with a rival team like the Miami Dolphins then proceed to wreak havoc against the Pats defense.

I personally would not read too much into this. Welker is not only an NFL star but he's also a classy guy. I seriously doubt that he would hold enough of a grudge to join another team strictly so he can 'stick it' to the Pats, where his fame and notoriety flourished.

At the same time, this would not surprise me if it was true. The Patriots may have seriously disrespected Welker. Here's a guy that has gone above and beyond what the team has asked of him, yet the two sides of negotiation are miles apart with regards to a contract agreement. Welker feels that he deserves more than what the Patriots are offering him.

I know that if I worked my butt off for a team, only to have them decide I'm not worth the money, I would be ticked off. Would I go out of my way to join a team with the sole purpose of causing headaches for my former coaches and teammates? Probably not. Only if the situation seemed perfect. Look at what Ray Allen did by joining the Miami Heat; joined the team that gives him the best shot at a championship and still manages to punch every Celtics fan/player/coach in the gut.

It's weird how every time it seems that we may finally know what will happen with Welker, there's another twist thrown in there. With free agency officially starting on Tuesday, maybe our answer will come up sooner rather than later.

Anthony Aidonidis

Unknown 3/10/2013 08:45:00 PM Edit

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