Reports Welker Will Ultimately Stay

The war of words continues when it pertains to Wes Welker and his destiny this offseason. Reports surfaced yesterday from Miami that Welker would not mind “sticking it to the Patriots” if they didn’t give him the kind of deal he wants. Today however, the other side of the coin is flipped, once again, and has’s Chris Wesseling saying that Welker will most likely stick with the Patriots instead of "sticking it to the Patriots" when it’s all said and done.

This drama started last season when Welker didn’t receive a deal he thought was fair from the Patriots and ended up being franchised. In my opinion the bad blood all started there and spilled over into the beginning of the season when Welker received minimal playing time. I am not one that blames the Patriots for that because Edelman looked to have a similar skillset to Welker and was so much cheaper that if equivalent production was there, it would be worth it.

Wesseling reports that Welker will see what’s out there and will be disappointed at the fact that he won’t receive Dwayne Bowe type money in free agency. All things considered, Wesseling thinks Welker will realize the grass isn’t always greener and stay in New England. Wesseling reported that several teams have specifically told agents that they will be settling for lesser players at certain positions if the player doesn’t accept the deal offered. With Amendola and Edelman asking for less, Welker’s market just won’t be there says Wesseling and it will ultimately end in a bargain deal for the Patriots.

Josh Brown