In the short span of a few hours, the rumor mill about the NFL Free Agency has been in full swing. Here is what has happened since sun down last night:

What does the Chris Gamble retirement mean for the New England Patriots?

Simple: There are fewer good cornerbacks on the market, thus the price will be driven up, and it will make it harder for the Patriots to get cornerbacks for less money. In addition, it means that there are less alternatives to Aqib Talib.

Do the reports about the Philadelphia Eagles being interested in Danny Amendola hold any weight in the reports about Wes Welker being a New England Patriot next year?

Danny Amendola would be a great fit for the Eagles. He would be perfect for Chip Kelly's offense, but it would also mean that Riley Cooper, Jason Avant, and/or Damaris Johnson would be out of a job in Philly. If the Eagles are the new front runner for Amendola and the Patriots choose not to counter, I have to believe that Peter King is right and that Welker will be finishing his career as a Patriot. At least one can hope.

Gamble retiring is bad news, but let's hope that the news about Amendola means that the Patriots and Welker are close to a deal.

Sam Reilly 3/11/2013 12:39:00 PM Edit

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