So, we all assumed that the Patriots saw that Wes Welker was being offered two years, $12 million by the Broncos and refused to match that low offer.

Apparently, that wasn't the case. They didn't care because they had already signed Danny Amendola, this didn't happen yesterday when we heard about it. It happened two days ago?

This is outright weird, and contradicts a lot of reports swirling around on the aftermath of the Welker debacle. We had heard that Welker took the offer back to the Patriots, and that they refused to match. Apparently that's not the case...?

It seems that the Patriots made their offer to Welker, he refused and was looking for money in the $8-$9 million range. The Patriots apparently had already been talking with Danny Amendola and had a deal squared away with him, so when Welker left to go visit places they basically said "see you later" and signed Amendola. The next day Welker signed with the Broncos.

Like I said, this contradicts a lot of reports that have been coming out, so I'm not sure if there's any truth to it. Though, Curran is a reputable source. It does seem strange because Amendola did not say anything on twitter or change his profile until last night, why would he wait a whole day?

What do you believe?

Michael Saver 3/14/2013 01:51:00 PM Edit

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