Sean Smith signs with the Chiefs, setting market for Aqib Talib?

Dear Patriots,

Please at least sign Aqib Talib. Patriots fans really only had three of our own free-agents we cared about re-signing. Can we at least keep one of them?

The Patriots were apparently interested in Sean Smith, but not that much I guess. He just signed with the Chiefs today for three years.

The Dolphins may have had kind of a haul in free-agency with signing Mike Wallace, Dannel Ellerbe and what not, but they have lost their top two corners in the last year. They traded Vontae Davis to the Colts, and now let Sean Smith walk in free-agency.

We're unsure of the money with the Sean Smith deal, though this post will be updated when it comes through. The most important part from a Patriots perspective is that this could be the first shoe to drop in determining how much all of the other corners will make. As CultofBelichick wrote today, a deal for Talib could be right around the corner.


So, that's kind of cheap for one of the top corners on the market. That is $6 million a year, but most of the deal is guaranteed. This sets the market for Talib and the other top corners' deals. If the Patriots aren't willing to offer three years, $18 million to Talib, then I have no idea what they are thinking. I'm really hoping the Patriots can finagle a deal to secure both Aqib Talib and Brent Grimes. Then, I would be very very happy.