Robert Kraft the second most powerful man in the NFL, Belichick ranks 8th's Don Banks recently composed a head-turning list. It's not of the highest paid players, or the organization with the most money, but a small list #1-10 of the most powerful men in the NFL. By 'powerful', Banks seems to incorporate money, position, influence, etc. Well naturally the league's commissioner Roger Goodell is at the top of the list, but what is more interesting for Patriots fans to see is team owner.CEO Robert Kraft is ranked second on the list. Here's the brief explanation/description that Banks used as his reasoning:

Robert Kraft, New England Patriots owner: Kraft not only has turned the Patriots into the league's model franchise since his purchase of the downtrodden team in 1994 -- earning 14 playoff trips, 12 division titles and three Super Bowl rings in his 19 seasons -- but also he serves as the chairman of the NFL's powerful broadcasting committee, and received considerable credit for helping bridge the gap between players and owners in the divisive 2011 labor negotiations.

For the reasons listed above, nobody should be shocked about Kraft's status. Around the league he is respected and renowned. Whether this is for building the Patriots' dynasty seemingly out of nowhere, pushing for the end of the NFL players' lockout in 2011 even after the heartbreaking loss of his wife Myra, or as Banks also mentioned, Kraft's position as the chairman of the NFL's broadcast committee. His legacy continues to grow every year, and personnel around the league are noticing. Placing Kraft as second on the list above Jerry Jones, DeMaurice Smith (NFL players association Executive Director), and various other high officials in the NFL was not so bold of a claim after all.

Ranking 8th on this list is Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. Here is what Banks had to say:
Bill Belichick, New England head coach: Though his most recent Super Bowl victory was eight years back, the man in the hoodie still sets the standard in his high-profile profession, with 10 division titles and five Super Bowl trips in his 13-season tenure in Foxboro. Belichick and his coaching innovations still inspire imitation league-wide, and his game-planning and tactical skills are considered among the best in NFL history.

Not surprising that Belichick was ranked the highest of any NFL coach. For all the success that Kraft and the Patriots have had over the years, it could be argued that most of the credit goes to the man under the hood. Belichick has been at the helm of the Patriots coaching staff since 2000, and since been the driving force behind the team's video-game-like statistics that they've posted over the years. A few notable stats include; 3 Super Bowls victories and 5 appearances, a perfect regular season in 2007, multiple head coaches that have come from Belichick's guidance, countless team records in the regular season and postseason, 10 trips to the postseason in his 13 years coaching the Patriots.

Other notables on Bank's list include Jerry Jones at 3rd and Peyton Manning (the highest ranked player) at 7th.

Anthony Aidonidis