Safety Adrian Wilson Set to Visit with the Patriots

According to’s Ian Rapoport, former Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson will be visiting with the Patriots at some point. Upside to Adrian Wilson includes someone who knows just how to hit. He’ll be sure to knock a couple people sock off, but if you’re looking for a hard hitter why not Pollard who just got released?

So far this offseason I have begun to wonder just what in the hell the Patriots strategy is because I’m sick of getting all the second tier guys while all the elite talent gets snatched up. In this market, the value for good players has come down, but so has the value for great players and I haven’t seen the Patriots do much of anything.

Here are some highlights:

Going off his stats, Adrian Wilson is not a play maker on the ball; it’s just that simple. I don’t get what the Patriots don’t understand. In order to win you need talented guys not a collection of mediocre guys; they seem to understand this principle on offense. Wilson has been in the league for 13 seasons now and is 33 years old which is fine if you’re Ed Reed, but he’s not Ed Reed. Still I don’t think it can get any worse than Steve Gregory in the Baltimore game.

Patriot fans as well as we writers are just waiting for the Patriots master plan to come to fruition, but maybe there isn’t one. Maybe there is one in time. Maybe Danny Amendola was it. For whatever the case may be, we sure know words not coming out of New England so all we can do is hope they are up to something better than Adrian Wilson and Danny Amendola. To set the record straight I’m not dumping on Amendola, just saying the moves so far have been lack-luster.

Josh Brown