The Patriots are safe from Bernard Pollard this year, hopefully

Thank. God.

I don't have to go into the reason why Bernard Pollard earned his Patriot killer reputation. For that, you can just look here. Patriots fans will be happy to know however that the safety will not be playing New England this year, as he's going to Tennessee!

Of course, it would be just our luck if Tennessee surprises everyone, makes it into the playoffs and then plays the Patriots and Pollard injures Aaron Hernandez or something before the Pats move on. However, I see that as unlikely, mainly because Jake Locker's at the helm in Tennessee.

Even better, the Patriots just played the Titans last year, so it'll probably be another two years before the AFC South gets put back on the Patriots schedule, and unless the Titans somehow win their division, the Patriots won't see them at all. We still don't know how long Pollard's contract is of course.

Many Patriots fans suggested the idea of signing Bernard Pollard as a means on insurance. Some of the best ideas we got from readers included placing him on IR as soon as he signed and sending him to the Caribbean for the season. I definitely didn't wan the Patriots to sign him though, we'd lose the whole team in training camp.

Are you happy Bernard Pollard is out of our hair for the 2013 season? Comment below.