"Very real possibility" Darrelle Revis joins Patriots in 2014

Gang Green owner Woody Johnson must prepare for very real possibility that Patriots could steal team's best player after this season, which would be another nightmare for Rex Ryan, John Idzik and brass.

That was the subtitle that sums it all up in the New York Daily News article written by Gary Meyers. Meyers writes of (and shows with the above picture) the Jets' nightmare scenario in which All-Pro DB Darrelle Revis plays out the rest of his contract, then joins their AFC East rival; the New England Patriots. Why is Meyers so sure that this is a realistic fear? Apparently an NFL source had this to say about the matter:

“It’s not that far-fetched,” an NFL source said on Thursday. “It would not shock me if he’s in a Patriots uniform next year. ” Then went on with, "Why wouldn’t Revis want to play for the Patriots?”
In all seriousness this source has a point; why wouldn't he want to join the Pats? He's one of the only players on the Jets that actually respects the Patriots for what they have done/continue to do. Revis would join a team that, with his presence both in the locker room and on the field, would surely be Super Bowl favorites. The only thing that might hold him back would be a sense of loyalty to the team that drafted him. That being said, Revis was openly upset with not only the fact that the team tried to ship him out, but also the manner in which they had not contacted him about it.

Obviously the Jets would never trade Revis to the Patriots in a million years; that is a given. However, if they cannot find a reasonable trade destination for him, GM John Idzik should be ready to start begging. Remember now, when the team constructed the current contract with Revis they included a 'No Franchise Tag' clause that may come back to haunt them.

Also as a quick note, even if Revis is traded his contract is still due to expire after this season. So no matter where he lands, traded or not, there is the possibility that he could walk. Pats fans should be hopeful that he may make his way to Foxboro.

Anthony Aidonidis