According to CSNNE Patriots insider Tom Curran, a deal with Wes Welker could be in the not too distant future. Just a week after Tom Brady signed a team-friendly deal freeing up the necessary salary space for one, Wes Welker, Curran reports that “progress has been made.”

Today at 4 P.M. franchise tags are due and Welker is most-likely not getting the tag this time around. It would seem that the professional nature to which he approached the contract situation last season is paying off for him. It would cost the Patriots 11.5 million for one year of service for Welker under the franchise tag and it would prolong Welker’s contract situation. Eventually it had to come to either signing Welker or letting him go; the Patriots are making every attempt to keep him. It should be noted that Tom Brady had a big part in this decision freeing up the appropriate CAP space.

With a deal seeming imminent, the franchise tag is most likely to be used on Talib or Vollmer. It’s hard to say which one we need more, but with jail time and a league suspension looming for Alfonso Dennard it would seem that getting Talib would become a priority.

Part of me thinks the Patriots will not use the franchise tag this year and try to lock up Vollmer long term and Talib for nothing more than a two year deal. You get way better value and salary CAP space in the short term and I think the Patriots are thinking short term this time around.

Josh Brown

Joshua Brown 3/04/2013 11:21:00 AM Edit

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