When Jeff Demps was injured late in that final preseason game last year against the Giants, no one seemed to think he'd even miss anytime.

How wrong they were and what a wild turn the Demps saga has taken. Now it seems more likely than ever that that's going to be the last time the olympic runner will have ever put on a Patriots uniform. Exacrlt a month ago today, Demps threatened to leave New England if they couldn't work around his schedule of doing track and football.

If the Patriots did agree to let Demps do track and football, he'd miss five games of the regular season. That's a pretty absurd request, but according to his agent, Daniel Rose, other teams might be OK with that for some reason.

Boston Herald:

"Jeff loves New England, and he wants to run track and play football," Rose said. "It's not a decision based on money. It's a decision based on his passion for both sports. He's 23 years old, and he has an opportunity to do what he loves and has our blessing. I would think with the (Patriots') lack of picks, a deal would be done over the draft, as I am certain if the Patriots aren't willing to let him do both, there are other teams who will."

Uhh, how does he know other teams would let him do that...Tamper much?

I would really doubt that any smart organizations would be willing to pay Demps to miss nearly 1/3rd of the season. Certainly the Patriots won't. For that reason you can expect Demps to probably be moved or cut at some point this week as the Patriots will try to gauge his trade value during the draft.

Michael Saver 4/25/2013 12:13:00 PM Edit

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