Jets two first rounders have trash talk for Tom Brady already

The Jets haven't been receiving much love lately from the people that, by definition, should support them.

Their fans.

After trading their best player Darelle Revis to the Buccaneers a lot of attention was placed on the two first round picks they would be making. Many wondered how they would replace their franchise player. They ended up doing it with another corner, Dee Milliner, and a defensive tackle, Sheldon Richardson.

While Jets fans certainly aren't exactly ecstatic about that haul (Richardson in particular was met by a smattering of boos from Jets fans) they have to like how their new guys are talking.

So it's not the worst trash talk in the world, but these guys are already talking about going after Brady. They'll fit right in with Rex Ryan in his one year as head coach.

So far, the Jets haven't done anything to change the thinking that they are headed for another sub .500 season. It's one thing for these rookie to start talking, but let's see how they do when the two teams take the field in Week 2.