Unlike his former teammate Marshall Faulk, who openly accuses the Patriots of cheating, Kurt Whiner, I mean Warner, takes the approach of an arrogant douche who hints to the Patriots cheating but never actually says it. I hate when being politically correct takes over someone’s entire being. It’s like stop being such a pansy and just come out with it already.

Warner spoke to 411mania.com initially promoting his upcoming show on USA called The Moment, but when questions were asked about the Super Bowl betwixt the Patriots and the Rams, this is what Warner had to say: “I don’t look at it as tainted at all, that’s not the perspective that I choose to take, but with that being said, I will say that I don’t know how you can’t wonder, how you can’t wonder if something did happen, if there was an advantage. I simply say that because to know that there was evidence out there, that there were tapes out there, but no one ever got to see the tapes. The Commissioner or whoever decided they were going to destroy them from what I understand and so it continually leaves the question. Being that it was a part of the history of our game and it was directly part of my history, part of the history of my organization and my teammates, and possibly could have affected my career long term, you have a question; did something go on?"

At least Marshall Faulk has the nads to come out and say he thinks we cheated, which is something I actually respect much more. Passive-aggressive accusations make you look like a pansy. My one and only response is: what happened to the next two Super Bowls the Patriots were in? Do you think that was knowing defensive signals too? When it comes right down to it, isn’t football a simple game of you cover me while I try to run by you?

Warner and Faulk, you got beat because your receivers were sallies whom we bumped at the line and that took them out of the game both physically and mentally.

Anyone without biased can watch the game and see that the game was won by the Patriots on the defensive side of the ball, holding the most “prolific offense” to just 17 points. You were an offensive juggernaut that, when played physically, went into a cave and the Patriots exposed that which lead to your 0-5 start the next season and ultimately ended your run of greatness. Fact: the Rams averaged 32 points per game in the 2001 regular and post season and the two times they played the Patriots they scored 17 and and 24. Both were below your season average and that is where you lost the game. Move on, it was only 11 years ago.

Josh Brown

Joshua Brown 4/12/2013 11:48:00 AM Edit

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