Poll: Are you disappointed Gronk won't be on the Madden Cover?

Rob Gronkowski may be a pretty popular character in the NFL, but it hasn't been enough to net him the Madden cover.

Adrian Peterson blew Gronk away last round 81-19 percent. I'm betting that Adrian Peterson ends up winning the cover since he's the reigning MVP and came within nine yards of breaking the all-time rushing record next season. Last year, Gronk lost to eventual winner Calvin Johnson in the elite eight.

But anyway, when you talk Madden covers you have to talk curses.

Calvin Johnson didn't really suffer any curses...yet. However, Peyton Hillis was the cover athlete just before him and he's out of a job.

Rob Gronkowski has suffered enough injuries the past two years, it'd be hard to imagine what else could happen to him. Though, of course, the Madden curse doesn't necessarily have to be an injury. After Brett Favre was the Madden Cover his reputation was eventually completely ruined. After flip flopping on retirement year after year and then the story about him sending pictures of his penis to masseuses came out, he went from being one of the most liked guys in the NFL to the most hated.

Anyway, are you glad Gronk won't be a candidate for the curse?