So, news came out around a week ago that New England Patriots Wide Receiver Julian Edelman visited the New York Giants. But no moves have been made since that visit, with Edelman apparently weighing up all his options. So we've got to consider where the Patriots would stand with or without Edelman.

If he stays, it's another body. It's a familiar receiver for Tom Brady to throw to, and he'd probably slot right into the number 2 receiver slot on the depth chart behind Danny Amendola. And that's still a worrying picture when you take the Tight Ends out of the picture. Besides Amendola, the receivers on the roster are weak. Donald Jones and Michael Jenkins? Yikes. So based on this, we probably need him back.

I expect the Patriots will go into the draft to bolster the team at WR, so this guy will probably slot in at number 2, and Edelman is a nice number 3 receiver. The number 3 receiver won't see much playing time anyway. With the receiving corps that weak, the 2 TE set will be vital, with Rob Gronkowski staying mainly on the line, and Aaron Hernandez moving here, there and everywhere, and then 2 receivers outside the numbers.

And there's still the possibility of Emmanuel Sanders coming in. The Patriots have until the 19th April to submit an offer to him. After making a vital signing to the Defensive Line, the Patriots have done a bit to free up their draft options, therefore using a 3rd on Sanders won't be too much of a loss. So when you look at the possibility of Amendola, Sanders and a rookie being the top three, with Gronk and Hernandez, the receivers Brady has to play with looks pretty healthy, and Edelman won't be too much of a loss.

Though Edelman is a great guy to have on Special Teams (He was involved in probably my favorite Special Team play ever). The Patriots signed Leon Washington in Free Agency for his return ability, but he's definitely a better kickoff returner than a punt returner, while Edelman is definitely a better punt returner than he is a kick returner. However, Amendola is also a great punt returner, so if Edelman leaves, he can fill the role. But if we want to keep Amendola healthy for the whole season, limiting the number of hits he takes would help, so we could sign Edelman as a return man, who's a part time receiver.

If I was Julian Edelman, I would force my hand with the Patriots now. The scenario I came up with for the receivers is hypothetical and it's based in a world where everything works out for the Patriots. The fact is, as I write this, the Patriots receivers have nothing on what it looked like last season. Everyone on there is at risk of missing time at some stage - which is the same with Edelman. But at least if you sign him, you've got a receiver who Brady knows, who can give you a lot on Special Teams and can contribute well in the passing game, especially on screens.

If the Patriots feel they can live without that, then that's fine, but, based on this current roster, they certainly need Edelman there. If Edelman leaves, and we don't get Sanders, and get a WR in the draft, then this pass attack, even with Brady and Gronk, doesn't look strong enough to support a defense that still needs time to develop.

So would we miss Edelman? The answer at the moment is that it's far too early to tell. At this stage, it looks like yes, based on the talent on the roster. By the end of Draft weekend, he could well be disposable. All I know is, the Patriots can obviously take him or leave him. If things were that urgent, he'd be a Patriot by now, just like Sebastian Vollmer is. That leads me to believe the Pats just don't value him too highly, and therefore, we shouldn't really worry whether he stays or goes.

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Brendan Annely 4/09/2013 01:01:00 PM Edit

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