Edelman visits with Giants

Julian Edelman is visiting with the New York Giants

A couple of interesting notes on the Patriot's wide receiver front today, first being that Julian Edelman is reportedly in New Jersey visiting with the New York Giants. Edelman is a free agent and while there apparently have been reunion talks between him and New England, no deal is currently in place, leaving the door open for teams to bid for his services.

I tend to side with Reiss here. I would be very surprised if Edelman left, and I do not think it would be a good move for the Patriots to let him go. Yes he is extremely injury prone, but he was showing serious growth last year and we all remember the rampant discussion on if he was phasing out Welker. Well now Welker is officially phased out, and he has been replaced with Danny Amendola. I think we all thought Edelman would return to back-up Amendola (also a very injury prone player) and also contribute to the special teams game where he is a standout player.

Edelman is also a player who has been groomed within the Patriots system since coming into the league. He knows the ins and outs of it and has grown increasingly comfortable and productive within it. Brady is getting older and I believe it's a poor choice to remove all the people from the offense that he has developed chemistry with. Welker was number one in that department, but Brady has seemed to have some trust in throwing to Edelman when he is on the field. The two were working out together just a few days ago. I think Edelman's value to the team is a bit underrated, and should Amendola go down, it's comforting to know there is a more than capable guy on the roster ready to step in.

I would also be surprised if Edelman wanted to leave New England. I hope he isn't about to go the Danny Woodhead route because the Patriots aren't willing to pay up. Hopefully this purpose of the Giants visit is to get a new deal moving with the Pats.