Patriots owner Robert Kraft voiced his opinion on the ongoing debate over gay players in the NFL. He first congratulated Jason Collins, the NBA vet who came out not too long ago, then said he would hire anyone who would help his team win:

“We’re about winning, and if someone can come in here and help us win, I don’t care what ethnic background, what racial background, what gender preference they have, if they can help us win and they’re about team, then I'll be happy to have them here." 

A report came out that 3 or 4 NFL players were preparing to come out within the next few months, obviously that has yet to happen, and for good reason. A number of athletes have supported gay athletes and encouraged them to come out, but that is not even close to the majority. Those names make the news because of their high profile, but those are the selected few. Personally I support gay athletes, but I'm not like every fan. Especially in the NFL, fans can be brutal. The constant badgering a gay NFL player would receive is inevitable in hostile stadiums and a few words could break their morale and distract them from the game at hand.

So if I had any advice to a player thinking about coming out: go right ahead if you think you can handle it. What do you think? Talk to me on twitter! @joeloobs @patriotslife


Joe Loubier 5/06/2013 08:16:00 PM Edit

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