Aaron Hernandez has generally been regarded as a decent person. After receiving a contract extension from the Patriots, he donated $50,000 to the Myra Kraft foundation.

That's the reason this homicide situation came so out of left field. No one thought Hernandez could be involved in something like this.

However, since Tuesday more reports have come out on Hernandez's past and the people he associates with. Apparnetly, NFL teams were reluctant to sign him not because of marijuana, but because of the gang affiliations of his friends from Bristol, CT. This morning's Globe has some more details that might make Hernandez's involvement a little more believable.

Boston Globe:
It didn’t take long for Hernandez’s quick temper to be revealed at Gillette Stadium. According to an NFL source, within days of being drafted, Hernandez was at the team facility trying to watch film.

When he couldn’t figure out how to use the equipment, he asked how it worked, but got no answer. When Wes Welker walked by the room, Hernandez asked for his help, but Welker said, “Rookie, you figure it out.”

Hernandez responded with expletives.

Hernandez spends little, if any, time with his Patriots teammates off the field, opting to spend his time with those same friends who used to visit him in Gainesville and have known him for years.

Now, obviously just telling Wes Welker to fuck off doesn't make Hernandez a murderer. But reports that he was aloof in the locker room and lashed out at teammates, kind of paints the character in a different light than we were used to seeing.

Michael Saver 6/21/2013 09:42:00 AM Edit

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