Bernard Pollard is making headlines in Nashville with a sign on his locker at the Tennessee Titans facility that reads ‘Goal – Super Bowl. Mission – kill.’

head tilts down as he looks to knock out Stevan Ridley

Just in case you weren’t convinced this guy should be banned from the league, he was asked about his note and he explained it to perfection - “our goal is the Super Bowl and our mission is to kill and if someone doesn’t like it, then who cares.” – “I really couldn’t care less. It is not our responsibility to make anyone else happy, to please you, to care about you.”

Leading with the head...
This guy is seven years into his career and has hurt countless players with how reckless he is and with his publicly stated gibberish, he is going to get smacked up. Just because you’re on defense, it doesn’t mean players can’t target you. Your tough guy act will work until you run into someone much bigger than you that hates your style of play more than every New England fan.
Coincidently, the Titans new defensive coordinator is Greg Williams, who was the headmaster of the Saints bounty scandal that got him and head coach Sean Peyton suspended. The Patriots are not slated to play the Tennessee Titans in the regular season and it’s unlikely that they will “win the Super Bowl” as they are coming off a 6-10 season. Good luck you tool.

Josh Brown

Joshua Brown 6/22/2013 01:14:00 PM Edit

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