Wes Welker was not re-signed by the New England Patriots, causing a shockwave around the Boston area but certainly not surprise.

The team's best receiver over the past five years or so, Welker moved from Tom Brady to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. He hasn't talked much about it since, but he recently opened up a bit. Much more than he would've if he'd had the Patriots no talking policy to restrict him still.

Welker talked to Michael Silver of Yahoo! Sports and seemed to imply that the Patriots did not want him back. He recognized that Tom Brady was "upset" about the fact that the Patriots didn't keep Welker, and went on...


"It is [a bummer], but I think he understands it, and I understand it . . . It's been going on for years and years. I'm not the first [Patriots] player that this happened to, and I definitely won't be the last."

Silver also noted that Welker "wasn't surprised by the Patriots' lukewarm efforts to keep him and that the organizational enthusiasm he received from the Broncos buoyed his spirits. 'Absolutely,' Welker said. 'Feeling wanted -- it's a good feeling.' "

Seems like Welker harbors a little bit of resentment here.

Robert Kraft asserted after Welker left that his agents misjudged his market value, thinking he'd get a big contract. Still, the Patiots never moved to beat the offer Denver gave and moved on to Danny Amendola.

Welker also threw in one parting shot about the differences between the Patriots and the Broncos.

"I feel like I can be myself a little more for sure."

Michael Saver 6/10/2013 01:18:00 PM Edit

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