There was a lot about Aaron Hernandez behind the scenes that we didn't know.

First of all, he's most likely a murderer of at least one person but maybe more.

He also wasn't the best teammate in the world, as we've come to find out.

As Hernandez spends more and more time in jail, more stories are coming out about his off field activities. Apparently some of those effected him on the field a bit.

A new forthcoming Rolling Stone feature contains "six revelations" about Hernandez.

There are three particularly shocking revelations.

Hernandez was apparently a heavy user of PCP (AKA Angel Dust) and had become paranoid because of it. So paranoid in fact that he carried a gun around all the time.

He was also constantly missing practices and was pulling "thug life stunts". Apparently he was extremely close to getting cut. I guess murder was good enough to push Belichick over the edge.

The sketchiness doesn't end there. Coach Urban Meyer was potentially covering up positive drug tests, a drive by shootout and an assault at Florida. Both violent incidents have been previously reported.

Rolling Stone also reports Hernandez's gang ties, criminal parents, and that his mother cheated on the tight end's father before he passed away.

These reports shed more light on the fact that Hernandez was such a gifted athlete that completely wasted his talent. His coaches were willing to look the other way and excuse ridiculous behavior due to the product that Hernandez was able to bring on the field. This all despite his numerous off-field troubles. In Meyer's case, he may have even stooped to immoral levels to ensure Hernandez was there to help him win.

Imagine how great the young tight end could've been if he'd never gotten involved in such stupid things. That's something I'm sure he'll be thinking about from his cell.

Via: Larry Brown Sports

Michael Saver 8/27/2013 10:01:00 PM Edit

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