Every team needs a leader for games, and especially when the games are on the road. The Eagles are no exception to that rule, and for them, Patrick Chung was that guy. Chung, who had problems last year and fell down in the charts for New England, signed a three year contract with Philly in the off season.He also stepped up his game this week, and for the rookies, he became a huge mentor. According to the Boston Herald, Eagles rookie Jordan Poyer had this to say on Chung:

“For me personally, he’s helped me tremendously,” Poyer said. “I watch film with him. The first time I came in here, maybe the second day, he told me, ‘You want to know how you make it in this league?’ I said, ‘How?’ He said you’ve got to find an older guy who is doing it right, link up with him and just follow his lead. That’s what I’ve been doing with Patrick. I see the way he watches film. I see the way he practices. He’s been as successful as he is, and I just want to get to where he’s at, so I’m just doing everything that he is doing.”

Maybe all he needed was a change of scenery? Either way, it is great to see that he is able to mold the young minds of players, even if they will be going against us this year.

- Joshua Powers

Joshua Powers 8/12/2013 09:56:00 PM Edit

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