Not really a surprise here. Tim Tebow didn't show enough in preseason to prove that he was worthy of the roster spot a third string quarterback would take.

Tebow's 2 TDs to Quentin Sims
weren't enough to earn him a spot

Coach Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels were Tebow fans, and wanted to give the quarterback a shot, but the fact still remains that he just doesn't possess the skill of an NFL quarterback.

Tebow has a few great plays in the final preseason game on Thursday, but he still had far too many bad ones. When you look at the overall body of work in the three games he played, it wasn't good enough. Meanwhile, Ryan Mallet certainly helped his own cause. While Mallett had his fair share of head scratching plays, they were much less than Tebow. The competition seems to have done Mallet well, as he put together his best preseason to date.

That was enough to convince the Patriots coaching staff that Tebow was expendable. IF he had made the roster, he would've been inactive on gamedays barring injury. That's a roster spot that could go to another play at positions such as corner or defensive tackle where the Pats are thin.

Michael Saver 8/31/2013 10:51:00 AM Edit

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