The following information is info that we've gathered from sources.

Adrian Clayborn was bull rushing Nate Solder on a play. Solder lost his balance and fell into Tom Brady's knee. Tom Brady went down and grabbed his knee before getting up under his own power. He limped off the field and sat out a play before returning to the field and finishing the drill. After throwing some passes, Belichick and McDaniels talked with Brady on the field. Once the meeting was over, Brady jogged off the field without assistance and went back into the building. This injury was on the same knee he tore his ACL in back in 2008. You can view the play here.

After leaving, reports were everywhere claiming he was hurt bad and a torn ACL and MCL were feared. However the team denied it and defended Brady, but the team also said nothing about him being okay. Jonathan Kraft said he didn't believe the injury was serious, but wasn't sure if he'll be okay. Dan Roche has reported along with Adam Schefter that MRI results on Tom Brady's left knee are NEGATIVE as it appears to be just a sprain, he is listed day-to-day. 

Eric Anderson 8/14/2013 06:19:00 PM Edit

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