Zoltan Mesko. Maybe the only punter I've ever kind of cared about.

I know that sounds harsh, but it's true. Fans don't normally pay much attention to the punters on their teams, but Mesko is a bit different.

Once named the Most Interesting Man in the NFL, Mesko is still probably the least talked about member of that stellar 2010 Patriots draft class, which included Brandon Spikes, Rob Gronkowski, Devin McCourty and Aaron Hernandez. Still, that's not to say he isn't deserving of the title.

Mesko was born in Romania, speaks five languages and once interned at a private equity firm in Philadelphia during the offseason. That's good because the eccentric young punter might soon be out of a job.

Boston Herald:
Punter Zoltan Mesko is in the most intense battle for a job since the Patriots drafted him in 2010. Undrafted rookie Ryan Allen is pushing the veteran, and the two have nearly the same amount of quality reps in recent practices.

Obviously, the Patriots know what they have with Mesko, who is also a beacon in the community. Allen, however, is a much cheaper option, so that could make the decision a little trickier. If the Pats keep Allen and cut Mesko, they would save $921,500 against the salary cap.

If we know one thing about the Patriots, they're all about saving that cash. Mesko has been solid on the field in all his years as the Patriots punter, but if the Patriots can look to save some cash while not sacrificing anything on the field, that's a move they will make in a heartbeat.

We've seen it time and time again. Training camp ends and there's always a surprise cut in the mix. The fact that Mesko actually has some competition this year probably speaks very loudly. If Allen continues to keep this a race, it could be bad news for the most interesting man in the NFL.

Michael Saver 8/06/2013 03:03:00 PM Edit

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