In case you missed it, former Patriots first round pick Brandon Meriweather proved once again yesterday just how dirty (and stupid) of a player he is.

The Redskins safety, who played Sunday in only his second game since signing a 2 year, $6 million contract in 2012, made headlines early in the day when his lick on Eddie Lacy took the Packers rookie running back out with a concussion. For some reason, Meriweather was not penalized on the play, but the hit was a textbook example of the kind of dangerous play the NFL is rightly attempting to legislate out of the game. Meriweather made no attempt to wrap up whatsoever on the tackle, opting instead to lead with the crown of his helmet on a hit directly to the head of Lacy. He also had a shortsighted celebration (after a Green Bay first down, no less), with Lacy still on the ground injured from the play.

Fortunately for all who believe in karma, Meriweather would get his just desserts shortly. Early in the second quarter, Meriweather tried the same cheap tactic, this time fully launching himself headfirst at the head of Lacy's replacement, James Starks. This time, however, it was Meriweather who was sprawled out on the ground, concussed as hell and providing even further evidence of how dangerous those kind of hits are.

Color commentator Troy Aikmen (who saw his own Hall of Fame career cut short by concussions) spoke for the majority of football fans with his callous reaction to the replay.
"Second time he's lead with his helmet and that's what they're trying to take out of the game. This time he's the one who's injured and [it] looks like his season's gonna be over again"

Normally, I'd say Washington is better off with Meriweather off the field, but then again it speaks volumes about their troubled secondary that the former Miami Hurricane is a starter there. When Meriweather isn't injuring himself and others with these kind of dirty hits (the safety has a laundry list of offenses under his name, including a brutal hit on Todd Heap in 2009 that helped to spark the league's new emphasis on player safety), he is known for his deadly combination of willingness to improvise and terrible football instincts.

Oh, and one more thing...

I hope you get suspended. You deserve it, asshole.

Ned Brady 9/16/2013 11:34:00 AM Edit

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