So, all of this could work out football wise for Alfonzo Dennard.

The Patriots cornerback was sentenced to a month in jail this off-season for an incident that occurred before he was drafted. Months later, he was arrested for an OUI. He finally had his hearing today, in which he admitted violating probation. The sentencing will not be until December however.

All of this should be concerning to a Patriots team that just saw another of their star athletes sent to jail. Of course, Hernadnez's charges are much more severe than Dennard's.

Still, the consequences are somewhat similar - jail time. Dennard has a month in jail that he will be serving after the season, however, that could be moved up depending on the sentencing. At least Dennard will be available for the team for most of the regular season. It's also likely that his sentencing continuously gets delayed, as his hearing did, so they might have him for the entire regular season.

Of course, that means he could be forced to spend the entire playoffs in jail, should the Patriots be there as they normally are.

Dennard has played exceptionally well in the firs two games of the season. He had an interception of Geno Smith in the team's last game, and a near INT of E.J. Manuel the week before. The team is thin at the position and can ill afford to use of their best playmakers back there.

Dennard will have a court date in October for his DUI charge though. Dennard still maintains that he wasn't actually drunk driving, claiming to have had two beers, then fallen asleep for four and a half hours before driving). Still, the Patriots aren't out of the wood yet because the NFL could become involved and hand down a suspension.

Michael Saver 9/16/2013 12:18:00 PM Edit

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