Just in case you'd forgotten how much of a hypocritical bag of shit Ray Lewis, here he is on ESPN to remind you.

Lewis was on a panel during ESPN's Sunday NFL Countdown when the subject of Aaron Hernandez and crime in the NFL came up. Here are his incoherent thoughts.
“I want to make sure we clear something up because we have to do this for our brand of the National Football League: Our numbers are very small when it comes to the pain and the crime that happens in everyday America, the numbers of athletes that get in trouble. New England had to know something, just like 31 other teams had to know something about Aaron Hernandez’s background, and that’s your red flag. Now, it’s up to you to say, ‘You know what, I’m still going to try that.’”
First off, no kidding Ray. Yes, everyone knew that there were "character concerns" about Aaron Hernandez coming out of the draft. However, did anyone know the extent of those concerns? Did anyone really think Hernandez was a murder (or murders) waiting to happen? Lets remember that all these stories about Hernandez's past (potential involvement in 2012 double murder, multiple incidents at Florida, etc) weren't reported until after Hernandez's June arrest.

Secondly, it's always important to consider the source. In this case, it's Ray Lewis, a man who pleaded GUILTY to obstruction of justice in a murder case and then spent the rest of his career trying to make people forget about it by saying the word "God" to any camera near him. Pretty sure "God's linebacker" wouldn't mislead police investigators during a murder investigation, asshole.

For the record, Ray claimed that Baltimore "didn't need to" do a background check on him coming out of college because he "was clean off the field." It's good to know that there's no way the Ravens could have known that they had a potential murderer on their hands.

Ned Brady 9/08/2013 05:00:00 PM Edit

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