It was another disappointing performance from the Patriots last night at home, but at least they are 2-0. Not all was bad though as certain factors did help in the win. Below are the good, the bad and the ugly of last night's 13-10 win over the New York Jets.

The Good
Patriots Defense

Led by Aqib Talib and the rest of the Patriots defense, if it was not for them the Patriots would not have had even a slight shot to win this game. Rookie Jet quarterback Geno Smith threw three interceptions in the fourth quarter, two of them to Talib. The defensive line as well as the linebackers also looked pretty strong in the winning effort in an all around good performance by the Pats D

The Bad
Patriots receivers

Other than Aaron Dobson who had one touchdown (we'll get to him in a minute), the Patriots offense looked absolutely awful and not with it what so ever. You could really tell that Brady was missing Amendola in this one who was his primary receiver in Sunday's game against the Bills. 13 of Tom's 19 completions were to Julian Edelman whom the Patriots have relied heavily on in the first two games.

The Ugly
Aaron Dobson

Once Aaron Dobson reeled in that first touchdown for the Pats, many fans were thinking that a good chemistry and connection would be formed by the future hall of famer and rookie receiver. Dobson had three receptions for 56 yards but it seemed like he could have so much more. Brady targeted him and Dobson managed to drop a few sure catches that would have definitely expanded the New England lead.

Michael Husson

Mike Husson 9/13/2013 01:32:00 PM Edit

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